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Foundations of Workplace Safety

Our course is now live! Be one of the first to experience this newly launched certification and start gaining valuable skills to boost your resume and wow your employer! Take Foundations of Workplace Safety Now

The BC tourism industry is one of the largest employer of youth – one-third of employees are between the ages of 15-24. Entering the workforce for the first time can be intimidating for young workers, and statistics show that more than half of workplace accidents involve young and new workers during their first six months on the job.

Understanding workplace safety and having effective training is the best way to prevent accidents. Designed specifically for youth, the new Foundations of Workplace Safety course helps young people prepare for their first job. The course covers relevant topics that young workers often ask or are unsure about, including:

  • What are some common workplace health and safety hazards in tourism and hospitality?
  • What are my rights and responsibilities as a worker? What about my employer?

With interactive quizzes and activities, engaging videos, and relevant situational examples, Foundations of Workplace Safety is a friendly, straightforward introduction to understanding occupational health and safety in the tourism and hospitality industry. The course is offered online and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Individuals can work through the course at their own pace, offering flexibility for those who may be studying or working during the day.

Cost: $59.00

Successful completion of this course includes a WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) certification, recognized by WorkSafeBC, and can be used towards credits in the BC high school Workforce Training Certificates 12 program.



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Cost: $59.00

For more information, contact the go2HR Industry Health & Safety Team.

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