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About Us

Since 1979, go2HR has served BC's tourism and hospitality industry with programs and services that support its growth and success. Formerly known as the Hospitality Industry Education Advisory Committee (HIEAC), the organization was re-branded as go2 in 2003, in conjunction with an expanded mandate to coordinate the BC Tourism HR Action Plan. This Action Plan was updated in 2012 and is now known as the BC Tourism Labour Market Strategy. In 2013, the organization has refreshed its brand to become go2HR.

Following are some of the ways go2HR is helping the tourism industry address its labour market challenges:

Promoting Best HR Practices

go2HR provides information to employers on HR issues such as recruitment, retention, training and legal issues through the go2hr.ca portal website, e-newsletter, articles in trade publications and speaking regularly at industry events and conferences. go2HR identifies, anticipates and responds to current and emerging labour and skills shortages in the sector. go2HR also sponsors the Employees First Award to recognize BC tourism employers with exemplary HR and leadership practices.

Labour Market Information

go2HR coordinates and conducts industry leading research on key employment related issues and policies affecting the BC tourism labour market, and is responsible for updating and monitoring the BC Tourism Labour Market Strategy.  Working closely with leaders in industry, government, educators, and other stakeholders go2HR conducts and disseminates timely research and statistics about provincial and regional labour market challenges, industry training, compensation, and other current trends related to tourism HR.

Tourism Career Awareness

go2HR, with the support of industry, executes a multi-channeled career awareness campaign which is designed to attract people to pursue tourism jobs and careers. The campaign targets multiple demographic groups and its tactics include promoting career fairs, school and career centre presentations, BC tourism-specific job board, Career Explorer website, e-newsletter, and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Industry Training & Certifications

go2HR helps businesses gain access to relevant front-line, team leadership and management skills training for their employees. go2HR also administers Serving it Right and FOODSAFE Level 1 by Distance Education, and makes them easy for tourism employees to get the certifications they need. Recently launched in classroom and online, the updated SuperHost program offers affordable, relevant and quality customer service training for front-line employees in the tourism industry.

Industry Health & Safety

Working in partnership with industry and WorkSafeBC, go2HR's goal is to assist the tourism and hospitality industry in becoming a leader in best occupational health and safety practices. Through its programs, go2HR provides customized health and safety resources as well as administration of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program, an incentive program which provides employers rebates on WorkSafeBC premiums if they implement systems that go above and beyond regulatory compliance.

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