We Support BC’s Tourism & Hospitality Industry

go2HR is the human resources and health & safety association for BC’s tourism and hospitality industry. go2HR exists to drive strong workforces and safe workplaces that deliver world-class tourism and hospitality experiences in BC.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower employers to have a strong human resource and health & safety culture that supports strong business performance by:

  • Offering programs, tools, information, and consulting services to elevate employers’ human resources and health & safety practices
  • Educating and training current and future workforces
  • Informing government, stakeholders and communities on labour market conditions and strategy


go2HR’s Annual Report 21/22

go2HR’s Annual Report 22/23

Our Values

These values drive our decisions and our
performance and how we show up as a team.

We will be inclusive.

All employers, all workers, all sectors, all regions; committed to Indigenous rights and social equity.

We will be collaborative.

Two-way, meaningful engagement for mutual benefit, providing value for stakeholders

We will be curious.

Understanding needs, how can we help/solve problems; finding the best, most innovative ways to do things.

We will be trustworthy.

Be the credible, ‘go2’ source for ideas, insights and information; you can count on us to deliver, trusted for quality programs/services.