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Explore workplace health & safety with go2HR! Our safety advisors are ready to assist BC tourism and hospitality employers.

Boost your business’s safety performance with a robust Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) management system tailored to your workplace. Enhance workplace safety, mitigate incidents, and manage risks more effectively. Our comprehensive approach not only fosters a stronger safety culture for BC’s tourism and hospitality businesses but can also lead to reduced insurance premiums, increased employee loyalty and retention, and an enhanced organizational reputation.

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Book a free consultation for advice and insights on topics like mental health, first aid, bullying, training, and much more. Our dedicated advisors will answer your questions, assess your health & safety program and provide tailored recommendations – all at no cost to you!

No matter how big or small, every business in BC’s tourism and hospitality industry is required to have an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) management system. Being proactive about health & safety not only keeps your team safe but also creates a stronger safety culture.

Our friendly safety advisors are here to help you build, review, or enhance your OHS program. Got questions? We’ve got answers! Common topics we cover include mental health, first aid, training, WHMIS, working alone, violence prevention, and considerations for new or young workers. Let’s chat!

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Ski Patrollers on BC Ski Hill practicing safe health & safety protocol.

Building an OHS program from square one might sound like a headache, but no worries – our safety advisors have your back. We’ll guide you in creating a solid foundation for a robust health & safety program that suits your business to a T. Check out some of the safety essentials you can chat about with your safety advisor:

  • Workplace Health & Safety 101
  • Handy resources and templates to kick things off
  • Navigating Health & Safety requirements like a pro
  • Rocking regular workplace inspections
  • Spotting hazards and nailing risk assessments
  • Crafting a top-notch Health & Safety program

Got burning questions? We’ve got the answers! Let’s talk.

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Hotel maid using proper ergonomics to make the bed.

Already have a health & safety system? Great! But there’s always room for improvement. Let our safety advisors show you how to boost your program, enhance employee loyalty, reduce insurance costs, and strengthen your brand. Elevate your health & safety game with:

Ready to learn how you can advance your program and keep things moving along nicely? Get in touch.

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Group of restaurant employees talking about proper health & safety procedures while on shift.

Need assistance navigating regulatory changes or implementing new programs? Our safety advisors can guide you through WorkSafeBC’s OH&S regulation and Workers Compensation Act, help you understand the evolving health & safety regulatory landscape and assist in implementing policies to meet any new requirements. We’re also here to support you in actioning WorkSafeBC inspections and orders.

  • Health & Safety onboarding requirements
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee requirements
  • Stay at work, recover at work, and return to work requirements
  • Keeping up with changing legislative requirements
  • Support with WorkSafeBC inspections and orders

Need help keeping up with legal requirements that apply to your business? We can help you make sense of it all!

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Hotel worker doing a workplace health & safety audit.

Elevate employee engagement and ownership in workplace health & safety through go2HR’s diverse training opportunities. From the suite of self-directed Safer Spaces courses, focused on preventing workplace sexual harassment, to the comprehensive JHSC course that meets the 8-hour training needs for new committee members, go2HR provides tailored training for the tourism and hospitality industry.

Training is offered in areas such as:

Ready to set up a health & safety training program that works for your team? We’ll show you how. Let’s chat.

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Group of students taking go2HR health & safety training virtually online.

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Other Services

While you’re building or improving your business’s health & safety program, you might also have questions related to human resources. Lucky for you, go2HR also offers an HR Advisory Service supported by regional HR consultants. Visit the HR page to learn more and sign up for a free consultation!

Interested to learn more about workplace psychological health & safety? Visit our Mental Health at Work page for more information, or connect with one of our Workplace Psychological Health & Safety Coaches.

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