Strategy for BC’s Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Having a clear and focused strategy is critically important to the success of the industry when it comes to our people. Strategy provides direction, priorities activities, defines accountabilities, engages communications and provides a road map for decision making.

This has never been more critical as we tackle one of the biggest challenges in the industry – labour supply and overall workforce development.

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BC’s Tourism & Hospitality Labour Recovery Framework

Tourism and hospitality labour recovery – and resiliency – is integral to B.C.’s long-term economic strategy. The Province’s Strategic Framework for Tourism recognizes the role our industry plays in community enhancement, sustainable growth, and climate action. The Province’s goal to rebuild our industry’s revenues by 2024 will, put simply, be powered by people.

People also power our Labour Recovery Framework. Since fall 2021, go2HR has led the Labour Recovery Framework Industry Engagement Working Group, a tight-knit team of industry leaders from associations, destination management organizations and provincial ministries.

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Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Sport Strategic Framework for Tourism in BC

Tourism is an important part of the BC economy. Read Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Sports (MTACS) framework for recovery initiatives to 2024. The framework is a response to the Tourism Task Force Report.

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Federal Tourism Strategy

The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic has caused the federal government to recraft its’ national tourism strategy. The sector remains resilient and remains a key economic driver in BC and across Canada. The revised strategy will focus on addressing labour gaps and instability, destination development and investment attraction.

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