Employee Training
Drives Experiences

go2HR’s training courses cover essential educational topics in tourism & hospitality, including health & safety, customer service, and mental health training. When you support employee training, your team has the opportunity to expand their skillset and excel in day-to-day activities.

Training that supports the long-term career goals of employees can also promote greater job satisfaction. A more satisfied employee is likely to stay longer and be more productive.

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Training Benefits:

Attract employees

You are more likely to attract and keep good employees if you can offer development opportunities

Retain employees

Employees looking for the next challenge will be more likely to stay if you offer ways for them to learn and grow with your company

Support employees

The more engaged, involved and satisfied employees are in working for your success, the better your rewards

Enhance Your Customer Service

In the tourism and hospitality industry, customers come from around the world and have a variety of lived experiences. One thing these customers have in common: they expect consistent, positive interactions.

Customer service training helps teach staff how to create positive guest experiences, handle challenging interactions and increase customer satisfaction.

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Create a Strong and Safe Workplace

Health & safety training demonstrates a commitment to keeping workers safe.  It can increase employee participation and ownership of workplace health & safety.

By promoting health & safety training, you can help reduce the rate and duration of injuries, improve employee morale, attract and retain employees who value a positive safety culture.

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Support Workplace Mental Health

go2HR is proud to have partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association – BC Division (CMHA BC) to provide industry-specific mental health training for tourism and hospitality employees, supervisors, managers and senior leaders.

These courses have been developed with industry guidance to cover relevant workplace concerns, focusing on psychological health & safety.

Funding for this partnership has been provided by a grant from the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions.

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Build a More Inclusive Team

As our industry works to become more equitable, diverse, and inclusive, these diversity and inclusion courses provide the foundational knowledge needed to thoughtfully engage and move forward on your journey.

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