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Why Teach Tourism & Hospitality?

More than half of the 350,000 people who work in B.C.’s tourism and hospitality industry are under 35 years old. By 2025, the industry will need more than 50,000 new workers.

Tourism and hospitality work is accessible. You don’t need experience to get experience, yet average industry pay has grown to $28.00 per hour, up 22% from 2020.

Every day, workers practice active listening, speaking and critical thinking – skills and competencies forecast to be the most in-demand between 2022 and 2032.

Career opportunities in tourism and hospitality are endless. When people picture tourism and hospitality, fantastic careers such as chefs, pilots, ferry captains, hotel managers, and ski or golf resort operators come to mind. Tourism and hospitality businesses also need energy and emissions managers, sales strategists, logistics and IT support, marketing coordinators, human resources professionals, engineers, instructors and guides, and health and safety leaders.

A Closer Look at Tourism and Hospitality Work Experience and Careers

In every community

Unlike other industries, tourism and hospitality work exists in all regions of the province and is often relied upon when other industries face economic declines.

Flexible work that fits

The flexibility inherent in tourism and hospitality employment also allows for the pursuit of post-secondary studies or part-time or shift work scheduled around school, volunteerism or other passion projects.

400+ occupations

go2HR’s  Career Explorer includes information about the more than 400 different occupations across the tourism and hospitality industry.

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Take A Closer Look at jobs and careers in B.C.’s tourism and hospitality industry in each of its four sectors: Accommodation; Food & Beverage; Recreation and Entertainment; and Travel and Transportation Services.

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Tools to Teach
Tourism & Hospitality

go2HR has developed resources to help educators create awareness of work and career opportunities in tourism and hospitality.

A recent survey indicates that young people take or keep a job based on wages and benefits, skills development opportunities, and flexibility.

Tourism and hospitality work matches with what today’s youth are looking for.

More than minimum wage

Average hourly earnings across the industry are $28.00, up 22% from 2020. Many tourism and hospitality jobs also come with benefits, and perks such as discounts, travel, and fun, free experiences.

From thrills to skills

Beyond fun and adventure, workers gain skills that will be in-demand for the next decade, including communication, conflict-resolution, teamwork, problem solving, and self-management.

Flexibility that fits

While 65% of Tourism and hospitality jobs are full-time, the industry has many part-time jobs that give young people the flexibility to study, volunteer, or pursue their passions.

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Teaching Tools

These resources can help incorporate tourism and hospitality work and career opportunities into your teaching.

In this section:

  • A guide to delivering a one-day Tourism & Hospitality Bootcamp for students in grades 10-12
  • go2HR’s Career Explorer
  • go2HR’s Employment Tracker
  • Video library of resources to help showcase tourism and hospitality work and careers throughout the province

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Tourism & Hospitality
Bootcamp Delivery Guide

A step-by-step “how to” guide to help build awareness of tourism and hospitality careers, including a customizable PowerPoint slide deck. Based on a full-day program, the guide includes interactive games and exercises that be customized for one or two hours of teaching time.

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go2HR Career Explorer

Get information on industry opportunities across BC, including job descriptions, career profiles, industry training, job search tips and current job openings.

Career Explorer

go2HR Employment Tracker

Keep an eye on the latest tourism and hospitality labour statistics – from wages to leading occupations – and create customized charts showcase tourism and hospitality employment in your region.

Employment Tracker
Video Library

Live, Work & Play in Whistler

See how work meets play in Whistler, B.C. where a wealth of careers await.

The Value of Tourism to BC’s Workforce

Learn how working in tourism and hospitality in the Kootenays equals work/life balance.

His Gift for Entertaining Brings Tours to Life

See how Taste Vancouver Food Tours guide Sean Sonier uses his acting and theatre background to foster food memories in Vancouver, B.C.

Organizing a Festival

Go behind the scenes with Vancouver Event Planner Marla Penner as she organizes the Bard on the Beach Festival.

Developing Sales Strategies

Learn how Angela Van Den Byllaart works with companies looking to find hotel rooms and meeting spaces for their employee travel needs.

Leading by Example

It’s never a dull moment for Angela Loewen who manages a busy Kelowna restaurant.

Finding a Sense of Belonging in Great Bear Rainforest BC

Bear viewing guide, wildlife photographer, and grizzly bear advocate Taylor Green shares how passion and purpose co-exist with her work.

Culinary Connection

Entrepreneur Aman Dosanj is bringing diversity, fairness, and equality to her farm-to-table dinners in Okanagan, B.C.

Why I Work in Tourism

Stakeholder Marketing Coordinator Samantha Rullin explains why she loves working in B.C.’s tourism and hospitality industry.