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In the tourism and hospitality industry, your customers come from around the world and from all walks of life. One thing these customers have in common: they expect consistent, positive interactions.

Customer service training helps teach staff how to create positive guest experiences, handle challenging interactions and increase customer satisfaction.


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Elevate Customer Service


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Customer Service Courses

SUPERHOST®: Foundations of Service Quality™ ONLINE $59

An online comprehensive and practical introduction to customer service best practices, SuperHost: Foundations of Service Quality is an essential first step for all customer service professionals. An online course designed to sharpen in-demand transferable skills like teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution, with interactive activities and action-oriented tips to prepare you for the front lines.


Learn More About the following:

  • Basic customer service, communication and teamwork skills
  • The importance of frontline employees in service sector businesses
  • Expectations from the point of view of customers, employers, and employees
  • Communication etiquette and best practices
  • Service recovery techniques

SUPERHOST®: Service for All™: Foundations of Inclusive Service ONLINE $59

Whether locals or visitors, your customers are a mosaic of different backgrounds and identities; a “one-size-fits-all” service approach doesn’t cut it. Our world and needs are changing, and so should our service delivery. A personalized approach focused on meeting each customer’s unique needs is the marker of successful and inclusive customer service.
Are you a front-line customer service professional? Make inclusive service your top priority and boost your customer service skills with SuperHost Service For All: Foundations of Inclusive Service!

Learn More About the following:

  • The origin of stereotypes and how to avoid them through empathy and sensitivity
  • Identification and awareness of diversity in the community
  • Recognition of customer groups that may have specialized needs, including but not limited to:
  • Different generations (e.g. boomers, Gen X, millennials, etc.)
  • Persons with disabilities
  • LGBTQ/2S people
  • Indigenous peoples
  • People for whom English is a second language
  • Ways to tailor service for customers from varying ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds
  • Elements of professionally appropriate language when delivering service
  • Tips and examples of specific accommodations that customers within identifiable social groups might require

SUPERHOST®: Foundations of Service Quality™ Classroom

Are you a business operator interested in arranging private classroom training for your employees?  The Foundations of Service Quality™ classroom course is estimated to be 6 hours long. The lessons include fun, interactive activities, and students will go home with ideas and skills that they can apply to their job immediately.

Intended for:

  • Individuals functioning at a solid level 2 or higher in their Essential Skills (250+ IRT Score)
  • Individuals with a good command of the English language at Canadian Language Benchmarks Level 6, or higher

How to Become SUPERHOST® Instructor

If you are interested in becoming a Certified SuperHost Instructor to deliver Foundations of Service Quality, here is some information you’ll need to know.

Instructor Training and Certification Process

  • Complete course pre-work as assigned by go2HR
  • Attend virtual training sessions
  • The cost for SuperHost Instructor Training is $350, which includes the certification training and one-year instructor certification dues.
  • Payment of annual certification dues (currently $200 per year)

Instructor Qualification

  • A certificate, diploma or degree in facilitation, training or education, plus 200 hours of recent training or teaching experience (within the last 5 years); or an equivalent combination of teaching/training education and experience
  • Work experience in a customer-facing role
  • Strong English language, communication, and facilitation skills

How to Become SUPERHOST® Training Provider

If you are interested in becoming a Training Provider to deliver Foundations of Service Quality, check what kind of organization is suitable to become a SuperHost Training Provider:

  • Secondary and post-secondary institutions offering workplace skills training in the curriculum
  • Business or industry organizations offering customer service training to members or stakeholders
  • Employers wanting to include SuperHost as part of their in-house training program
  • Organizations offering skills training to prospective and current front-line employees


  • Delivering a minimum of 2 SuperHost courses in each 12-month period following the initial certification date
  • Adhering to terms and conditions of SuperHost Training Provider License Agreement

SUPERHOST®: Destination Ambassador™

Building consumer confidence to travel is necessary for the tourism and hospitality industry. The SuperHost Destination Ambassador Program provides your stakeholders, volunteers, destination ambassadors, guest services staff and more with the skills they need today to showcase and promote your community to visitors and guests.


Note: go2HR provides the course framework and collaborates with local tourism organizations and SuperHost Instructors to develop community and region-specific course content. Contact training@go2hr.ca

Learn about:

  • Enhance the visitor experience so guests want to return
  • Help build customer confidence in the destination
  • Understand the importance of tourism and how it benefits your local community
  • Identify different visitor profiles and reasons they visit your area
  • Understand how to best promote products best and the services your community has to offer

Superhost® Frequently Asked Questions

You can obtain a SuperHost® certificate by taking a SuperHost course and passing the final exam. You can take a course online, or in classroom through an approved SuperHost Training Provider.

The quickest way to achieve SuperHost certification is online through our website. The self-directed online course offers you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, when it is convenient for you.

Learn about:

  • How do I get a SuperHost® certificate?
  • What is the passing grade for obtaining a SuperHost certificate?
  • What happens if I do not pass my second attempt of the final exam?
  • When are the courses available?
  • Is SuperHost available in languages other than English?

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