SuperHost® Instructor Application

SuperHost® Instructor Certification Process

The following outlines the qualifications, application process, and certification maintenance requirements on becoming a Certified SuperHost® Instructor for Foundations of Service Quality™.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a Certified SuperHost® Instructor. The application and approval process may take up to two weeks.

We will advise you on application status upon receipt. Applications are being accepted from other jurisdictions.

Looking for the SuperHost® Training Provider Application Form?

SuperHost® Training Provider Application

  • A certificate, diploma or degree in facilitation, training or education, plus 200 hours of recent training or teaching experience (within the last 5 years); or an equivalent combination of teaching/training education and experience
  • Work experience in a customer facing role
  • Strong English language, communication, and facilitation skills

  1. Application submitted with updated resume and 2 training-related references
  2. A phone interview with go2HR®
  3. Applicants approved by go2HR will be invited to attend instructor training

  • Complete course pre-work as assigned by go2HR
  • Attendance of four synchronous virtual training sessions
  • The cost for SuperHost Instructor Training is $395*, which includes the certification training and a one-year instructor certification dues.

*Plus applicable taxes

  • Delivery of a minimum of 2 courses in each calendar year
  • Required attendance at go2HR professional development sessions (mainly through webinar)
  • Payment of annual certification dues (currently $200* per year)
  • Adherence to terms & conditions in the Instructor Agreement
  • Compliance with go2HR’s QA and Audit procedures

*Plus applicable taxes


If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us and we will happily assist you further.

The application and approval process may take up to two weeks.