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This page contains a wide range of curated content for tourism and hospitality businesses. You’ll get a sense of the overall industry profile, including how many businesses are operating, who is getting injured, what is causing the injuries and the costs associated with those injuries.

You’ll also find resources to help employers mitigate the most common injuries and build workplace cultures that keep workers safe.

Health & Safety for a Wide Range of Business Types

BC’s tourism and hospitality industry is vibrant, diverse and includes a wide range of businesses, both large and small, rural and urban. We’re here to support the health & safety of businesses operating within the tourism and hospitality industry, including:

Keep Your Workers and Workplace Safe

Health & Safety policies and practices protect your team and your business. go2HR is the Health & Safety association for the tourism and hospitality industry in BC and a certifying partner for the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program with WorkSafeBC

Key Topics

Safety Basics


Just starting out? Learn about your legal responsibilities regarding workplace Health & Safety and how to develop a basic Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) program.


An effective Health & Safety program helps you prevent incidents and injuries and deal with any that do occur.


Take our safety basics assessment to see how well your workplace is doing and receive tips on how to improve.


In this section:

  • What’s involved in developing a Health & Safety program
  • How to create a program that works for the size of your business
  • How to do your own workplace safety assessment
  • How to get support from go2HR’s Health & Safety experts

Certificate of Recognition (COR)


See how the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program and COR certification can help your business save up to 10% on WorkSafeBC premiums.


In this section:

  • COR program introduction
  • The ten steps to COR certification
  • The benefits of being COR certified COR for small employees (SECOR)
  • How to access resources for businesses enrolled in the COR program

Key Initiatives

Mental Health

Learn how to support the psychological health & safety of your employees with mental health programs.



Learn More

Sexual Harassment

Learn how to create a strong workplace safety culture that rejects sexual harassment with Safer Spaces.



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Sector-Specific Health & Safety

Get the health & safety specifics for your sector, compare your premiums and injury profile to sector averages and access sector-specific tools and resources to help prevent injuries and keep your claim costs down.

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Hotels, B&Bs, Resorts & More

Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs

Ski Areas

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