Langara Island Lodge

About Us

Langara Island Lodge sits high on a scenic bluff, nestled amidst the ancient forest of Haida Gwaii and overlooking Langara Island’s abundant waters.

Our luxurious comforts provide the perfect complement to this ruggedly beautiful setting.  Roaring fireplaces, relaxing hot tubs and gourmet meals await you after a day spent immersed in nature.

The lodge is comprised of three adjacent buildings, each offering the same impeccable service and cuisine, but each with a very distinct atmosphere.

Chinook Lodge

The grandeur of Chinook Lodge is as breathtaking as the island upon which it is built.  This centrepiece of Langara Island Lodge features a towering river-rock fireplace, spacious main lounge and a lively dining table for sharing the day’s fish tales with your fellow guests.

Our largest facility accommodates up to 22 guests in well-appointed double occupancy rooms.

Eagle Lodge

Eagle Lodge is the most lavish branch of Langara Island Lodge, offering a more intimate experience than Chinook Lodge. Six expansive suites, a fully-staffed kitchen, games room and ‘top of the island’ views.

An ideal venue for couples or exclusive groups of up to 12 guests.

Raven Cottage

Hidden amidst the ancient forest of Langara Island lies Raven Cottage. From this secluded setting, small groups that prefer or require a high level of privacy can enjoy the incredible adventure of Langara Island.

Featuring three spacious bedrooms, Raven Cottage is available only as an exclusive booking for groups of up to six guests.

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