Customer Service Facilitator – Bilingual (FR/EN)

  • Paladin Airport Security Services
  • Front-line
    • Full Time | 
    • Permanent
  • 3800 Grant McConachie Wy, Richmond, BC V7B 1W0 Richmond, Richmond
  • 8 position available
  • Accessible Employer: Yes
  • Open to International applicants with valid Canadian Work permits: Yes
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Posted on June 4, 2024

Job Description

The Facilitator is a dedicated customer-service professional responsible for ensuring passengers are provided a positive experience and barrier-free access at CATSA pre-board screening (PBS) checkpoints. Operating within the screening checkpoints, the Facilitator takes a proactive approach to assist passengers, particularly those with special needs, by providing guidance through the screening process and offering support with items that require special attention. The Facilitator ensures compliance with the Official Languages Act by communicating effectively in the passenger’s preferred language. Please note that the Facilitator does not perform the screening, which is the exclusive domain of the Screening Officer within the CATSA Screening Services Program.

General Description:

Possesses comprehensive knowledge of the CATSA Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and an excellent understanding of Pre-Board Screening (PBS) procedures for special situations.
Proactively identifies and engages passengers requiring special assistance and offers support.
Provides bilingual (English/French) service to passengers as needed and ensures effective communication throughout the screening process.
Works collaboratively with Screening Officers and Management to deliver exceptional customer service.
Directs or escorts passengers to the Family Special Needs (FSN) line or escorts them to the front of the queue for priority screening, as necessary.
Accompanies passengers through the screening process upon request, offering physical support and assistance with belongings, particularly for passengers with mobility challenges.
Guides passengers through screening alternatives, providing detailed explanations of available screening options.
Communicates clearly with passengers with vision or hearing loss, utilizing appropriate tools and providing step-by-step guidance through the screening process.
Ensures passengers with mobility aids or medical devices receive appropriate screening and support.
Facilitates smooth transitions for passengers post-screening, arranging escorts if needed. Assist passengers with repacking of their belongings, if required.
Offers explanations and assistance in the passenger’s preferred language (English/French), ensuring comprehension and comfort throughout the screening process.
Provides specialized support and guidance for passengers traveling with sacred or spiritual items, ensuring their screening needs are accommodated in accordance with CATSA’s SOPs.
Undergo training as prescribed by CATSA.

Responsibilities & Qualifications


Exceptional empathy, active listening, and customer service skills.
Clear and effective communication abilities in both English and French.
Experience in customer-facing roles within fast-paced bilingual environments.
Capacity to work under pressure, prioritize tasks, and adapt to varying customer needs.
Demonstrated diplomacy and relationship-building skills.
Ability to provide physical support to passengers with reduced mobility.
Thorough understanding of screening procedures and ability to explain them clearly to passengers.


Previous experience working with individuals with special needs.
Familiarity with accessibility challenges and adaptive communication tools.
Knowledge of diversity and inclusion principles, including cultural awareness
Understanding of relevant regulations such as the ATPDR and OLA.
Familiarity with CATSA’s mission and mandate.
Proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL) and/or Langues des signes du Québec (LSQ)



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