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Posted on April 4, 2024

Job Description

Selena Travel (Canada) Inc., a Canadian travel agency, is seeking a Product – Sales specialist to join our growing team.
In this integral role, the Product – Sales specialist will focus on the customer value proposition, creating new travel packages and selling them to target market customers.
This is a role for an individual who is a self-starter and will help shape the foundation and the success of our organization’s local travel success. After successfully completing 4 months in this position, you will be promoted to the Sales and Marketing Manager with a higher salary and additional benefits.
Selena Travel Canada Inc. is not an ordinary travel agency starting a tourism business, but it is closer to the truth to consider it as part of an international corporation that has been successfully operating since 1998. Because it will be personally managed by Mr. Jamsran, who has managed tourism business for 25 years and founded successful tour companies.
Team members will have ample opportunity to grow and learn in a startup while maintaining a work-life balance. If you a Product/Sales professional with experience in sales – product and a passion for the tourism industry, we invite you to apply.

Responsibilities & Qualifications

1. Responsible to research the target market and their behaviour’s, continually monitoring their behaviour, expectations, and requirements.
2. Responsible to explore existing research and data on travel resources in Canada, specifically British Columbia, and gather detailed information.
3. Integrate and upload detailed information on attractions, activities and hospitality services selected for travel products into the database and improve existing data.
4. Responsible to continually develop and improve products (travel package and module) and pricing for the various segments of the target market in the USA and North America.
5. Receive customers’ inquiry about our company’s products and services, explain the features of products and services, support their booking, sell products.
6. Customize existing packages as requested by customers, create new packages as requested, and join them to existing tour departures.
7. Accountable to attend in tourism trade shows and exhibitions organized in the marketplace, promote, and sell company products to customers and potential partners, and conclude cooperation agreements.
8. Responsible to effectively communicate with partners, customers, and internal staff regarding our travel product information.
9. Accountable to act as the voice of the customer by informing product offerings, establishing & maintaining pricing models, informing product positioning, messaging, and participating in events, seminars and conferences as needed.
10. Accountable to identify strategic partnerships, business leads and product concepts to enhance the customer base and drive profitability.
11. Accountable to engage in marketing activities to promote travel products to customers and work closely with marketing staff.
12. Fully embrace and follow the vision, mission, and values, adhering to code of conduct, applicable regulations & standards
13. Contribute to a positive company culture and work environment; provide polite and personal interaction.
14. Handle all confidential information with utmost information security and privacy.
15. With professionalism, tact, and conformance to business etiquette, be an ambassador of Selena Travel (Canada) Inc.
16. Ensure correspondence is in accordance with business writing etiquette and standards.
17. Utilized the preferred communication medium(s) of those you are working with (ex: phone, email, apps, etc.) offering communication improvements as needed.
Experience & Education:
• Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in the Canadian tourism industry: working as a travel agent, tour guide or product, sales and marketing in a travel agency and tour operator is an advantage.
• Bachelor’s degree in business with a focus in Sales or Business Development / Travel and Tourism is preferred.
• Travel Counsellor certification is an asset.

Qualifications & Competencies:
• Strong knowledge and experience of travel resources and tourism industry of Canada, especially British Columbia,
• Excellent creativity in sales and product creation,
• Strong negotiation skills with the ability to influence and build trust,
• Ability to assess, understand, anticipate, and articulate the needs of customers,
• Team oriented and focused on the success of everyone,
• Good customer service and excellent interpersonal skills,
• Strong communicator, verbal and written with the ability to present well, be persuasive and express confidence in ideas,
• Skilled in working with people, organizing & coordinating, both virtually and physically,
• Must be able to travel freely in North America,



Other Perks/Benefits

• Brand bonus (bonus to the creator of the highest selling product) • Performance bonus for sales • Partner cooperation success (rewards to the success of partner’s cooperation) • Flexible working hours • Extended health and vision • Fitness reimbursement • Bonus incentives • Maternity/Paternity Leave top up Location: Squamish, BC Position: Full time, 30-40 hours per week

Job Application Process

Please send us your resume. Deadline by April 24, 2024

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