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A guest services attendant provides service to guests at the main door or lobby of an accommodation property. They help with luggage, offer information, and generally endeavor to make each and every person’s stay a pleasant one. Work can be very fast-paced, especially during the high season, but extra effort may be rewarded with gratuities. Guest services attendants are often the eyes and ears of a property, as they are constantly moving around it, and often notice issues that need attending to.


  • Provide guests with verbal or written information about the facilities, services, room choices and rates, and area attractions
  • Make room reservations following established procedures, using computerized or manual systems
  • Handle guest arrivals and departures
  • Handle guest keys, mail and faxes
  • Compile record sheets or log books, guest accounts and vouchers
  • Prepare bills and process payments

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Professional attitude
  • Ability to work as a member of a team
  • Good communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Physical ability to lift and carry heavy suitcases and other items
  • Good time management skills may be required
  • Knowledge of facility, services and locale
  • Secondary school diploma is preferred
  • Post-secondary training in tourism is advantageous
  • Guest Services Attendant National Occupational Certification is an asset.

Possible Future Career Paths

  • Concierge
  • Train Service Attendant
  • Passenger Attendant
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Assistant Front Desk Manager
  • Front Desk Manager

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