Being a patroller on a mountain requires a wide variety of skills and abilities. Job responsibilities vary from administering first aid and avalanche control to signing the mountain and marking hazards and monitoring skiers and boarders to ensure safe conduct on the hill. These crews are committed mountain people who love to work in a variety of conditions.


  • First aid for guests and staff
  • Risk management, hazard prevention and marking
  • Lift evacuation
  • Assist in avalanche control
  • Assist in search and rescue
  • Snowmobile operation and safety
  • Weather observation and reporting
  • Mountain dispatch
  • Public relations

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Occupational First Aid level III
  • Strong alpine skier/boarder in all snow terrain and conditions
  • Proficient in operation of snowmobiles
  • Strong toboggan handling and teaching skills
  • High level of fitness and able to work in all weather conditions
  • Self motivated with strong interpersonal skills
  • Previous ski hill experience an asset

Possible Future Career Paths

  • Level 2 Patroller
  • Level 3 Patroller
  • Patrol Supervisor
  • Operations manager

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