A Terrain Park Manager oversees the design and operations of a ski resort terrain park.


  • Creatively designing plans for the terrain park layout, taking into account the natural features of the mountain and knowing how to turn those plans into reality
  • Building take-offs, landings, etc.
  • Constant care and maintenance of rail features and jumps, knowledge of when a feature should be open or closed, ensuring all signage, fencing and park entrances are in order, inspecting features to ensure that they are safe for the public
  • Monitoring and fixing any and all equipment
  • Organizing and executing events and competitions taking place in terrain park
  • Making safety the number one priority making sure that everyone is conducting themselves appropriately in the workplace and educating the public and staff in the park
  • Co-ordinating your team with other departments, including grooming, lifts
  • Maintaining a park log that shows daily maintenance for every jump feature, rail, half pipe, boarder cross
  • Guest relations and assisting ski patrol in accident situations
  • Ensure that mountain operations/ski patrol are aware of terrain park opening/closing
  • Conducting rider counts it is important for terrain parks to operate based on volume and documenting figures several times a day
  • Maintaining a clean site
  • Daily upkeep of all fences, signage, hit markers, jumps, rails and everything that falls into the terrain park boundaries

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Being well-organized is the key to this type of position
  • Good people management skills are an asset. A typical crew is 30 people strong keeping everyone happy is key
  • Administrative skills are an asset: scheduling, training, equipment/uniform sign out, computer skills, hiring
  • Communication skills, with crew and superiors
  • The ability to be outside no matter what the weather conditions are rain, snow, wind, cold

Possible Future Career Paths

  • Mountain operations or maintenance management
  • Ski and bike park maintenance

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