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A trade show guide serves as a host to individuals or groups at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences. They may describe points of interest and supply information, or escort a party through a show or centre. The position offers an excellent opportunity to network and learn about trade shows and the sector in general, as well as about what the event is promoting.


  • Meet and greet visitors
  • Respond to questions or concerns
  • Hand out trade show maps and guides
  • Guide visitors to display, or offer directions
  • Fill out any required tracking data, statistics, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • An interest in the subject area of the event
  • Good communication skills
  • Physical ability to stand and/or walk
  • Professional attitude and appearance
  • Willingness to work with people
  • Customer service skills
  • Presentation experience
  • Knowledge of trade show products and industry
  • Second language is an asset
  • Secondary school diploma is preferred
  • Knowledge of the Local Tour Guide National Occupational Standards may be an asset

Possible Future Career Paths

  • Supervisor of Trade Show Guides
  • Meeting Planner

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