L'Abattoir Restaurant

About Us

L’Abattoir is located in the center of Gastown between historic Gaoler’s Mews and Blood Alley. The restaurant was built in the 19th century and is the site of Vancouver’s first jail. Originally buttressed to the city’s main butchery and meatpacking district, the name L’Abattoir pays homage to the neighborhood’s colorful past.

Set in a refurbished brick and beam building that combines classic French tile work with industrial fixtures, natural wood, and glass and steel finishes, the restaurant offers a bar and lounge setting, elevated dining room, and plush, sun-soaked atrium.

Chef Lee Cooper and the team at L'Abattoir are dedicated to highlighting the finer points of eating and drinking in L’Abattoir’s informed but informal setting. French-influenced West Coast fare is paired with an award-winning wine program and an innovative cocktail list to offer a truly unique dining experience.

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