go2HR COVID-19 Webinars for Tourism Employers

Each of the following recorded webinars are available for viewing on-demand. For a listing of live webinars and other upcoming events, please see the go2HR Events Calendar.

Health & Safety

With companies restarting operations in line with the BC restart plan, employers are trying to navigate the multitude of orders, regulations and guidelines put forth by various regulatory agencies. From understanding provincial health orders and WorkSafeBC protocols, to knowing how to prepare a workable COVID-19 Safety Plan, tourism employers have a lot to deal with right now.

In this webinar, we will look at some key considerations to ensure that you re-open safely, including how to do a risk assessment of your workplace, how to develop and implement meaningful policies and procedures and how to get your team ready.

Key topics covered:

  • The latest developments from a provincial health and WorkSafeBC perspective.
  • An overview of how to navigate sector protocols and best practice guides.
  • How to perform a risk assessment and complete a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan that works for your business.
  • Implementing your plan: it looks good on paper. Now what?
  • Building flexibility into your reopening plans.
  • Tips on how to deal with a WorkSafeBC inspection after re-opening. What will they be looking for?

Duration: 1:00

go2HR is pleased to have partnered with Destination British Columbia to create this webinar for their Road to Recovery Series.

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Returning to the workplace during this pandemic will be a challenging and emotional time for many people. Concerns about our own health and safety, as well as navigating the concerns of employees and guests, will be additional causes of stress and anxiety for many tourism business operators as they work to provide a safe and respectful workplace.

In this session, facilitated by go2HR in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, participants will learn practical strategies for taking care of their own mental health and that of their employees, as well as techniques to help them prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace and de-escalate potential situations with guests.

Duration: 55:54

go2HR is pleased to have partnered with Destination British Columbia to create this webinar for their Road to Recovery Series.

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The summer season is upon us. You have reopened for business and ironed out the initial kinks in your COVID-19 controls and are now ramping up your operations. How is your COVID-19 safety plan working? Are you continuing to manage the risks associated with COVID-19 in your workplace, making changes as needed?

Join us for a candid panel discussion with tourism employers, sharing some key insights and learnings based on their experiences in creating and implementing safety plans. This is a great time to revisit your plan and make some revisions, to help ensure a safe start to the high season.

Key topics:

  • A refresher on the key components of a robust COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • Your original plan seemed to work at the time. How do you evaluate its effectiveness against an ever-changing work environment?
  • Lessons learned through realizing a COVID-19 Safety Plan. What worked and what didn’t?
  • What we know now about COVID-19: the latest controls that we should be focusing on in the workplace
  • Tips to prevent “coronavirus complacency” within your team and to keep everyone committed to the cause

Duration: 58:25

go2HR is pleased to have partnered with Destination British Columbia to create this webinar for their Road to Recovery Series.

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Human Resources

With the announcement of a phased withdrawal of COVID-19 related restrictions in the province, businesses are gearing up to restart, or ramp up, their operations. While guidelines for return may vary slightly based on the type of business, two key elements are common for all employers:  How to get their people back in to work and how to keep them safe once they are there.

This short webinar focuses on six key, employee-related considerations for employers as you work towards reopening (or ramping up) and recalling employees back to work.

Duration: 17:35

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Tourism businesses impacted by COVID-19 are preparing to reopen or expand their operations. They have been working hard to implement legislated health and safety protocols as well as new or revised employee and guest policies, all in efforts to keep their returning employees and guests safe. As you prepare to recall and, in some cases, welcome new employees to your team, taking the time to properly (re)orient and train your staff will be critically important for business success.

This short webinar focuses on the key components of (re)orientation and training to ensure that employees are well informed and equipped with the tools and knowledge needed for the changing workplace.

Duration: 15:06

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Bringing your employees back to work after a long break comes with its challenges. As you deal with the myriad of issues that need attention during restart, don’t forget the critical role played by employees in your reopening. As employers try to balance the needs of the business with that of their staff, several unique human resource challenges present themselves. Handling these appropriately, both from an employee relations perspective and an employment law perspective, is critical to ensure a smooth return to “normal” operations.

In this session, we look at what many of these issues are and how you can address them. Legal counsel will be available to answer questions.

Key topics covered:

  • Layoff and recall- who comes back first?
  • Work refusal, including the right to refuse unsafe work
  • Termination

Duration: 1:15

go2HR is pleased to have partnered with Destination British Columbia to create this webinar for their Road to Recovery Series.

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As we move into phase 3 of the BC Provincial Restart plan and businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic prepare to start or expand their service offerings, employers are being faced with a new challenge… employees who are hesitant and, in some cases, refusing, to return to work from temporary layoffs. This is particularly difficult and frustrating for employers who have been working hard to retain and support employees during the pandemic, with expectation that they will return when the time comes to recall them. How we response will depend greatly on the employee’s reason for the refusal. Individual situations may vary and require a case-by-case assessment and response.

During this session, we focus on 3 work refusal situations and provide practical information to help you understand what you can and should do, in order to respond to each situation.

Duration: 12:28

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Customer Service

Your company is ready for opening its doors and you embark with your employees and customers on a new journey. Adapting to a different way of doing business while delivering a positive experience for your customers can be challenging and unknown territory for all involved.

In this webinar we will look at tips & best practices on effective guest communication, how to handle non-compliant customers and challenging situations.

Key topics include:

  • Reviewing your customer journey map: which touch points & interactions have to be adapted?
  • Effectively communicate new operating procedures & policies to your customers
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Real life scenarios and solutions for navigating challenging customer situations

Duration: 45:57

go2HR is pleased to have partnered with Destination British Columbia to create this webinar for their Road to Recovery Series.

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