Road Safety at Work Workshop: SkillCheck – Conducting Driver Assessments

Wed, Jan 24, 2024
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

If your employees drive for work, you need to know they have the driving skills to safely do the driving you’ve assigned them. Sign up for this 2.5-hour virtual workshop from Road Safety at Work to learn how to conduct a driving assessment. Participants will receive a Record of Participation upon completion.

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This virtual workshop takes you through common driving faults, provides practical checklists, and shows you how to interpret and communicate driving assessment results. During this workshop, you will:


• Be introduced to a process, guidelines, and resources to help assess driving skills and behaviours
• Learn about SkillCheck, our no-cost tool to record and document driving assessments
• Learn about behaviours and characteristics to look for when you’re conducting driving assessments
• Apply what you’ve learned during the webinar in an interactive group activity


The information that will be presented in the workshop is for educational purposes only. It’s not intended to provide legal or other advice, and you should not rely upon the information to provide any such advice.