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  July 31, 2017

Are You in Compliance with Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policies?

Since November 1, 2013, the tourism and hospitality industry in British Columbia (BC) has put rules in place to address workplace bullying and harassment. These rules explain what constitutes bullying and harassment and offer practical steps for employers, workers, and supervisors in tourism and hospitality to prevent or address such issues.

Recognizing the unique challenges of the tourism and hospitality sector, these rules have been customized to meet our sectors’ specific needs. They not only define bullying and harassment but also provide examples related to the industry, making it easier for people to understand. By incorporating real-life situations from tourism and hospitality, the rules establish a comprehensive framework for employers, workers, and supervisors to navigate the distinctive aspects of their work environment.

To enhance accessibility, WorkSafeBC has actively developed an online toolkit on preventing bullying and harassment, designed specifically for employers in tourism and hospitality. This toolkit includes a handbook, industry-relevant fact sheets, videos, training tools, and templates that can be actively adapted to the needs of businesses in tourism and hospitality.

By actively utilizing these resources, employers in BC’s tourism and hospitality industry can actively gain a better understanding of the rules regarding workplace bullying and harassment. The toolkit not only aids in compliance but also promotes a positive and respectful workplace. This active approach is crucial for the industry’s success, as a good workplace environment actively contributes to better customer experiences in tourism and hospitality.

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