October 17, 2023

Going Beyond Minimum Standards

Taking the extra step for safety. Read this full article about why ServiceMaster Clean Residential decided to get COR certified.

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When Greg Korpela, Occupational Health & Safety Manager at ServiceMaster Clean Residential first started hearing about the benefits of the voluntary WorkSafeBC Certificate of Recognition (COR) program, he was intrigued, but not sure how much time or effort it would take. Now, as one of go2HR’s newest COR certified employers, he believes not only was the investment of time doable, it was incredibly worthwhile.

COR is really a point of distinction that sets us apart from our competitors and shows our customers that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure safety across our organization.

  • Greg Korpela, OHS Manager at ServiceMaster Clean Residential

While ServiceMaster Clean Residential is a new COR certified company, the steps necessary to become certified have been a part of their overall safety procedures for several years now. “The COR process validated that practice. And, one of the positive impacts of adopting a greater culture of safety has had tangible benefits in terms of a clear reduction in workplace injuries,” says Greg. He has also seen a decrease in compensable claims and a reduction in the possibility of WorkSafeBC penalties.

However, another hidden benefit of COR certification is the impact it has had on employee retention and satisfaction at ServiceMaster Clean Residential.

Being a COR certified employer requires an ongoing cyclical commitment to safety improvement. Effectively, becoming COR certified is the beginning of an unending process of continual review, correction and improvement.

  • Greg Korpela, OHS Manager at ServiceMaster Clean Residential

The COR program, through its employee interview process, can assess employee understanding of health and safety policies and processes. Fostering a strong understanding of these safety systems among staff enables them to then articulate this to a third party. This is a critical component says Greg, who believes that involving all staff in their OHS policies and procedures just makes good business sense and demonstrates his organization’s commitment to workplace safety.

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