• Safety Basics

  March 30, 2023

Hold Safety Meetings

Regular health and safety meetings provide an excellent opportunity to get everyone in your workplace involved in the safety process. Maintaining communication between you, your supervisors, and your workers is crucial for the success of your occupational health and safety (OHS) program.

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By integrating health and safety into the work process, you can build your workplace safety culture, encourage buy-in to your OHS program, and help keep your workers healthy and safe.

Conduct effective meetings

  • Hold meetings regularly — typically monthly or more frequently, if necessary.
  • Post an agenda to let workers know what will be covered in each meeting.
  • Conduct productive, educational, and results-oriented meetings. Encourage active participation by everyone involved.
  • Focus on making health and safety a priority and identifying and controlling hazards.
  • Bring to the meeting inspection reports, recent incident investigation reports, first aid reports and new safe work procedures.
  • Keep records of the meetings (i.e., minutes), and record the details of actions taken and items to follow up on. These are important ways to demonstrate due diligence.

Communicate and support all health and safety initiatives

  • Post meeting minutes and inspection reports promptly to promote and increase awareness.
  • Encourage all workers to participate in continually improving health and safety conditions.

Suggested meeting topics:

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