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  September 13, 2019

Joint Health & Safety Committee Training

Workplaces with 20 or more employees (full and part-time) are required to create and maintain a joint health & safety committee (JHSC). All new committee members are required to complete 8 hours of initial training, equipping them to be effective committee members. Explore the information below to better understand the training options to fulfill this requirement.

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An overview of the training requirement:

Committee members joining the joint health & safety committee (JHSC) on or after April 3, 2017 are required to complete 8 hours of initial training that adequately equips them to effectively perform their duties as committee members.

As prescribed in OHS Regulation 3.27, this initial training must include instruction on the following topics:

  • Duties and functions of the JHSC,
  • Rules of procedure of the JHSC,
  • Conducting workplace inspections,
  • Participating in incident investigations,
  • Addressing refusals of unsafe work, and
  • Evaluating committee effectiveness.

This initial training is required to be completed within six months of joining the committee.

Note: In addition to this initial training, existing JHSC members are entitled to 8 hours of annual education leave per year to attend other OHS training courses that may enhance the member’s ability to serve on the committee. This annual educational leave is mandated in WCA Part 2, Division 5, Section 41.


go2HR now offers JHSC member training!

This 8-hour, online, asynchronous training course for new JHSC members fulfills the 8-hour initial training requirement, teaches students how to effectively carry out their duties as a committee member, and is available now!

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Curious about other training options? Contact our Health & Safety Team.


Does your company have fewer than 20 employees?

If your workplace has between 10-19 employees (full and part-time), you are only required to have a Worker Health & Safety Representative, and not a full JHSC. These representatives need to be trained on how to effectively perform their duties. To meet this training requirement, Worker Health & Safety Representatives should complete the 4-hour online course provided by WorkSafeBC linked here: Worker Health & Safety Representative Fundamentals.

If your workplace has fewer than 10 employees (full and part-time), you are not legally required to have a JHSC or a Worker Health & Safety Representative, however, it is always a good idea to identify a health and safety champion that advocates for worker safety within your company.

Note: JHSCs can be required at smaller employers if WorkSafeBC orders a committee to be established.

For more information on JHSC and Worker Health & Safety Representative Training, explore the links below, or contact our Health & Safety Team.


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