October 26, 2023

Student Audit

Learn more about the requirements for the student audit.

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Student Audit

Upon completion of the training session, student auditors are required to perform a student audit on their own organization within the following 12 months. The scope of the student audit should cover all operations of the company. In some cases, and subject to prior approval from go2HR, the student audit may be limited to one part of the company, depending on the size and complexity of the organization.

Notice of Audit Activity (NOAA) must be submitted to go2HR at least two weeks prior to the student audit. Download the Notice of Audit Activity form here.

Once the student audit has been performed, the student auditor must submit a student audit report to go2HR for evaluation, which should include:

If the company is not COR-certified, the student audit will be considered a gap analysis of the OHS program. The information gained during this process will help the organization prepare for the certification audit. If the company is already COR-certified, a successful student audit report covering the entire organization can be used as the company’s annual maintenance audit.

If the company has a single student auditor, then that person must perform an audit of the whole scope of the company. If the company has more than one student auditor, then the students must divide the company into logical portions and each performs a full audit on their assigned portion. After each student audit has successfully passed through the Quality Assurance process, the auditors must then combine their reports into a single report to satisfy the annual COR maintenance audit requirements.


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Maintain your Status as a COR Internal Auditor

To be eligible for re-approval of certification after the three-year period from the date the internal auditor certificate is issued, all auditors must:

Participation in online training courses from go2HR, in-person training and events, and other education and training initiatives will count towards the seven-hour requirement.

Auditors may also apply in writing to go2HR to have relevant training and education provided by other agencies applied toward their seven-hour requirement. It is an auditor’s responsibility to complete the two Maintenance Audits and seven hours of relevant education and training and to report these to go2HR using the Annual Internal Auditor Declaration Form.

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