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  April 6, 2023

WorkSafeBC Requirements

What are the WorkSafeBC requirements?

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As an employer in the British Columbia tourism and hospitality industry, you are legally required to:

You also need to understand the claims process and what you can do to assist an injured worker to return to work safely. Complying with the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation is also part of your responsibility as an employer. However, there are specific sections of the Act and the Regulation that are most relevant to the tourism and hospitality industry.


WorkSafeBC insurance coverage is a no-fault insurance system that protects both the employers who pay for it and the workers who receive benefits. WorkSafeBC insurance protects workers, employers and their dependants from financial hardship in the event of a workplace injury or disease.

Employers are protected from lengthy and costly lawsuits. Workers are eligible for compensation benefits if they suffer a work-related injury or disease. If employers fail to register, they could be fined and charged compensation costs if their employees are injured on the job.

WorkSafeBC also operates comprehensive injury-prevention and injury-management programs across the province to help promote health and safety in the workplace. In the event of work-related injuries or diseases, WorkSafeBC works with the affected parties to provide:

  • Return-to-work rehabilitation
  • Compensation
  • Health care benefits
  • A range of other services

For more information, contact the go2HR Industry Health & Safety Team.

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