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  April 27, 2017

Mobilité Francophone: How BC Tourism And Hospitality Employers Can Recruit Skilled Talent From Brussels

Struggling to hire service supervisors, managers or other specialized service occupations (e.g. Chefs, Cooks, Bakers, Executive Housekeepers, F&B Supervisors, F&B Managers, etc.)? Mobilité Francophone may be of interest to you and Actiris Brussels can assist.


Since June 1st 2016, the Mobilité francophone stream of the International Mobility Program facilitates procedures for Canadian employers to hire French-speaking candidates whose workplace will be in any province or territory outside of Quebec.

This Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)-exempt stream applies only to skilled positions within specific National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes and removes the obligation for employers to obtain a positive LMIA, usually required to hire temporary foreign workers.

Who Is Eligible For Francophone Mobility?

  • Open to any nationality & no age limit
  • The candidate’s habitual language of daily use is French
  • The candidate is destined to work in a province or territory outside of Quebec
  • The candidate has been offered a skilled position (NOC codes 0, A, B)

What Are The Advantages?

For Employers:

  • No labour market impact assessment required
  • The offer of employment in Canada does not have to require French language abilities
  • Employer-specific work permit
  • Work permit valid for the duration of the offer of employment and is renewable

For Candidates:

  • Common-law & spouse Open Work Permit (for employment over 6 months)
  • Authorization to study for accompanying dependent children (primary and secondary)
  • Government-funded French-language settlement services
  • A stepping stone for permanent residency

How Long Does It Take?

  • Processing times vary. Click here for up to date information

What Are The Costs To You As An Employer?

  • Employer Compliance Fee*: $230 CAD
    *refunded if work permit application is refused or withdrawn

Get Started

Belgium Recruitment Opportunities

ACTIRIS, the employment agency in Brussels is available to assist interested Canadian employers in navigating the Mobilité Francophone process to recruit skilled francophone or bilingual workers from the Brussels Capital Region in Belgium.

As of March 2018, processing time is about three weeks for Belgian nationals.

For more information and employer inquiries: Contact Ginger Brunner, Regional HR Sepcialist at 778-721-5523.