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COR External Auditors

Companies seeking certification must retain a go2HR certified External Auditor to perform an external audit. Trained and certified by go2HR, these External Auditors are independent consultants selected and paid for by the companies requesting their services.

go2HR has established a maximum per diem rate of $550 that auditors may charge for auditing services. It is based on an 8-hour work day for time on-site and does not include time to meet with clients or time to complete the audit report. These activities may be billed on an hourly basis provided the time does not exceed the $550 per diem limit (e.g. $550/8-hour day = maximum $68.75 hourly charge). Auditors may negotiate other expenses, such as travel, accommodation, and food and beverage, with each client.

The following is a list of go2HR-certified External Auditors. Review the profiles, then consider requesting a proposal, including cost quotes and references, before making a decision. The Auditor Code of Ethics in our Policy and Procedures Manual prohibits a safety consultant who helps develop a company’s safety program from acting as its External Auditor.

go2HR Certified COR External Auditors

Name Location Profile
Andrew Chan Langley Link
Bill Laturnus Nanaimo Link
Carla Brooks Vernon Link
Gifford Robb White Rock Link
Judith King Summerland Link


Want to become an External Auditor? Click here to learn more.

For more information, contact the go2HR Industry Health & Safety Team.

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