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Regional Labour Market Studies

All signs point to the fact that labour shortages are coming back and are already here in many parts of BC.  As a follow-up to the provincial Tourism Labour Market Strategy (TLMS) launched in 2012, go2HR has conducted additional research on labour projections at a regional level. Each regional study provides an in-depth look at the labour demand, supply and shortages that are expected leading up to 2020, with information at an occupation and sector level.

To learn more about the labour outlook for your region, and to find ideas to address your labour challenges, simply choose a region from the list below or by clicking on the map names.

CaribooKootenayMainland South WestNorth Coast and NechakoNorth EastThompson OkanaganVancouver Island/Coast




Funded in part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement.

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