March 19, 2024

Compass Group Canada Demonstrates Strong Commitment to Safety with COR Certification

Jia Yi Goh, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance (HSQA) Manager at Compass Group Canada recommends go2HR’s COR program.

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Jia Yi Goh, HSQA Manager at Compass Group Canada, recently achieved her COR Internal Auditor certification in British Columbia, building upon her 2022 certification in Alberta. Jia shares how the company prioritizes workplace health and safety, with an ongoing commitment to ensuring their worksites are COR-ready each year. She explains, “We have four weeks of virtual COR prep training, all worksites are required to complete four self-assessment audits to identify gaps and correction actions are to be implemented.”  She believes that the audit process helps to identify any gaps in the occupational health & safety management system (OHSMS) and ensure corrective measures are implemented. Jia also noticed that there have been more conversations about health and safety among the staff, a nod to its positive impact on the overall safety culture.

“As an employer, you want to make sure you provide a safe workplace for your employees and ensure your health & safety responsibilities are fulfilled. Employee is the biggest asset of a company.”– Jia Yi Goh, HSQA Manager

Jia recognizes that it can be a challenge to motivate staff to embrace any workplace adjustments.  Jia used COR certification as a way to show employees that the organization was deeply committed to raising the profile of occupational health and safety and reducing workplace injuries. Other BC employers has seen a slight decrease in workplace injuries, year over year, a positive and encouraging trend. The WorkSafeBC annual 10% rebate is also an extra incentive; a financial reward for employers demonstrating their dedication to surpassing health and safety standards.

A common theme among COR employers is an appreciation for its foundational benefits, which serve to keep them in the program. There is the realization that a lot of time and energy is dedicated to obtaining the certification that ultimately pays off. People understand what it takes and there’s a collective sense of ownership. Another benefit is that COR adds a level of achievement and distinction in the industry.  Furthermore, COR certification can help in attracting prospective employees with an equal commitment to workplace health and safety and a desire to stay safe on the job.

Compass Group Canada proudly displays its COR certificate, demonstrating its firm commitment to workplace health and safety and continuous improvement. Tourism and hospitality employers can learn more about go2HR’s COR program by consulting with our Health & Safety Team.

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