January 18, 2024

COR Certification with go2HR is a Testament to Workplace Safety Culture

Sergio Altenhofer from SerVantage Services Group explains why businesses should invest in workplace safety with go2HR’s COR Program.

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When SerVantage Services Group, a commercial cleaning company, first became COR certified in 2016, Sergio Altenhofer, Account Manager and Internal COR Auditor saw how obtaining COR certification helped enhance the safety culture. Sergio believes that investing in your employees’ health and well-being is crucial because it helps reduce costs, enhance your company’s reputation, improve productivity and retain worker talent.

“The COR Program helped the company improve its safety culture by creating a structured framework, promoting awareness, fostering accountability, encouraging continuous improvement, and recognizing and rewarding safe practices.” – Sergio Altenhofer, Account Manager at SerVantage

The most difficult part of obtaining the COR certification was encouraging employees at all levels to actively participate in building their new safety culture. With effective communication and training, this shift has encouraged his staff to embrace and prioritize safety in the workplace. Sergio recognizes that his employees feel empowered and are more comfortable speaking up when they see unsafe work practices. This fosters a sense of responsibility helping to reduce injuries and incidents. Sergio goes on to explain that businesses participating in the COR Program are more likely to exceed regulatory requirements by demonstrating a dedication to going above and beyond in all areas of workplace health and safety.

“Being COR certified also helps build trust with clients and partners, demonstrating a dedication to safety that can strengthen relationships and open doors to new business opportunities.” – Sergio Altenhofer, Account Manager at SerVantage

The COR Program encourages safety performance by motivating employers to assess and enhance their safety policies and practices regularly. When employers get into the habit of refining their safety measures, they can help protect their employees and their assets. “Being a COR-certified employer is a testament to a solid safety culture,” says Sergio.

With continuous improvement and dedication to providing the highest standards of workplace health & safety, businesses can reap the many rewards of COR certification. This includes a 10% rebate on your annual base rate insurance premiums from WorkSafeBC, which can be reinvested back to further elevate your health and safety practices.  Tourism and Hospitality employers can learn more about go2HR’s COR program by contacting our Health & Safety Team.

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