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  April 4, 2023

COR Health and Safety Program Toolkit

An effective occupational health and safety (OHS) program encompasses effective management leadership, a firm commitment to the program by all involved and a willingness to continually improve the workplace safety culture.

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If you are pursuing Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification, you will find all of the audit elements and supporting templates here, to enable you to work on developing your COR program and get ready to become COR certified!

If your goal is to start building a health and safety program from scratch and you want to learn more about the key elements that make up a strong program, the COR Health and Safety Program Toolkit will give you a comprehensive overview. The handy templates can be downloaded, personalized and printed ready to start building your program manual at your own pace. Develop your knowledge as you work through, by reading the elements, accompanying resources and templates, and understanding how they all fit together.

We also recommend that you take our online Occupational Health and Safety Program Fundamentals course, which is geared towards employers, managers and supervisors working in BC’s tourism, hospitality and foodservice industry. This interactive nine-module course covers the fundamental principles of occupational health and safety programs in British Columbia and students will gain an understanding of the key elements of a Safety Management System through a series of interactive exercises and quizzes.

COR Introduction

COR Element 1: Management and Leadership Commitment

COR Element 2: Hazard Identification and Control

COR Element 3: Safe Work Procedures and Written Instruction

COR Element 4: Inspection of Premises, Equipment, Workplaces and Work Practices

COR Element 5: Investigation of Incidents/Accidents

COR Element 6: Training and Instruction of Employees

COR Element 7: Program Administration

COR Element 8: Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Injury Management/Return to Work Programs

COR Training Resources



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