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  September 20, 2023

How To Participate in SECOR

Here are the 7 steps to get SECOR certified.

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Becoming a COR certified small business is simple. Follow our seven simple steps to earn SECOR certification and take advantage of all of the benefits of getting certified with COR but with a tailored process and resources specifically designed for small employers.

  1. Register for the program
    Register with go2HR® on the COR registration page online. Once registered, review the Small Employer COR (SECOR) Program Policies and Procedures Manual for more detailed information.
  2. Identify a safety champion
    After registering for the program, identify a safety champion within your workplace who can lead the process. This person should know about your workplace policies and procedures and have the ability to implement training programs and policies as required.
  3. Sign up for SECOR internal auditor training
    Once you have a champion in place, they should sign up for our SECOR Internal Auditor Training. Your champion will also work to develop and then maintain your safety management system. After your champion has completed their SECOR internal auditor training they will carry out their student audit (which also acts as your initial certification audit) and they will be your internal auditor.
  4. Develop your safety management system
    There is a step-by-step self-assessment guide that you can use to navigate each SECOR program audit element and download training resources and templates to fill any gaps in your safety management system.
  5. Submit your notice of audit activity
    Once you have all the elements of your safety management system in place, you are ready to audit your own program. Submit your Notice of Audit Activity to go2HR at least two weeks before starting your audit.
  6. Submit your completed audit
    Upon completing your audit activity, you must submit your completed SECOR Audit Tool and SECOR scorecard, along with required documents, to go2HR for a quality assurance review.
  7. Become SECOR certified
    If you pass the quality assurance review, go2HR® will forward successful audit details to WorkSafeBC for the approval of your small employer COR certification and your business will be eligible for a financial incentive of the lesser of either $1000 or 75% of your base rate premiums.
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