One of the first steps to becoming COR-certified is to identify an internal Certificate of Recognition (COR) program champion who will lead the process for your organization and become a knowledgeable resource about the COR process.


The COR internal auditor is a permanent employee of a company, who completes the auditor training for the purpose of conducting the company’s internal COR maintenance audits. It is recommended that the staff member responsible for leading your occupational health and safety program attend the training. This individual should be familiar with all aspects of your safety management system. In order to achieve and maintain certification, this individual must:
    • Complete the COR internal auditor training (online & virtual session);
    • Perform a student audit;
    • Sign and abide by the auditor code of ethics; and
    • Maintain their COR internal auditor certification.


A company may have multiple internal auditors if the company is sufficiently large or complex enough to support multiple auditors. This is usually limited to companies with multiple sites located around the province where travel logistics place significant hurdles or where the company’s business is diverse enough that one auditor cannot have a reasonable understanding of all its activities.


Please note that the certification belongs to the individual who completes the training. If your COR internal auditor leaves your company, and you wish to continue to perform the maintenance audits internally, you must have another staff member obtain the certification as soon as possible.


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Training costs
The internal auditor training course costs $199 + GST, which allows your company to complete maintenance audits (years 2 & 3) free of charge using an internal safety champion, and includes electronic copies of all training materials (provided during the virtual classroom session), access to the online training portion, and a one-on-one consultation with the facilitator. Once a COR internal auditor is certified by go2HR, the certification is valid for three years.
Upcoming COR Internal Auditor Training Sessions
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Save money by completing your organization’s internal COR maintenance audit Fulfill your annual OHS training entitlement as part of the Joint Health & Safety Committee
Learn the basic concepts of auditing occupational health & safety (OHS) Program Work towards completing your professional development requirements as a health & safety professional


The COR internal auditor training course includes approximately 15 hours of training, 7.5 online, self-paced learning, followed by a half-day (5 hours) live virtual session, some homework, and a 1:1 consultation with our expert facilitator to make sure you’re ready for your student audit. The training covers the following:

  • an overview of the COR program;
  • an in-depth look at the individual COR audit elements;
  • how to prepare for a student audit;
  • how to conduct an audit using the go2HR COR audit tool: documentation, observation, and interview techniques;
  • how to prepare a COR audit submission: scoring audit questions and writing notes;
  • post-audit activities and follow-up: what happens next; and
  • how to maintain your status as a COR internal auditor.


The online self-paced training portion must be completed prior to attending the virtual classroom session. This preparation is designed to give all students a common base of knowledge concerning the COR audit process.


The course costs $199 plus GST and includes electronic copies of all training materials (provided during the virtual classroom session), access to the online training portion, and a one-on-one consultation with the facilitator.

Space is limited and is available on a first-come-first-served basis. We recommend that you submit your registration as soon as possible to reserve your place in the class.


Upon completion of the training session, student auditors are required to perform a student audit on their own organization within the following 12 months. The scope of the student audit should cover all operations of the company. In some cases, and subject to prior approval from go2HR, the student audit may be limited to one part of the company, depending on the size and complexity of the organization.


  1. Audit activity must be submitted to go2HR at least two weeks prior to the student audit. Download the Notice of Audit Activity form here.
  2. Once the student audit has been performed, the student auditor must submit a student audit report to go2HR for evaluation, which should include:
    • Executive Summary
    • Scoring Summary (download PDF here)
    • COR Audit Tool (download PDF here)
    • Notes, Scores & Recommendations
    • Minutes from Pre-Audit and Post-Audit Meetings


If the company is not COR-certified, the student audit will be considered a gap analysis of the OHS program. The information gained during this process will help the organization prepare for the certification audit. If the company is already COR-certified, a successful student audit report covering the entire organization can be used as the company’s annual maintenance audit.


If the company has a single student auditor, then that person must perform an audit of the whole scope of the company. If the company has more than one student auditor, then the students must divide the company into logical portions and each performs a full audit on their assigned portion. After each student audit has successfully passed through the Quality Assurance process, the auditors must then combine their reports into a single report to satisfy the annual COR maintenance audit requirements.



Tips for student auditors Mixed student and certified team auditors
Using multiple student auditors Using multiple certified auditors


To be eligible for re-approval of certification after the three-year period, all auditors must:



Participation in online training courses from go2HR, in-person training and events, and other education and training initiatives will count towards the seven-hour requirement.


Auditors may also apply in writing to go2HR to have relevant training and education provided by other agencies applied toward their seven-hour requirement. It is an auditor’s responsibility to complete the two Maintenance Audits and seven hours of relevant education and training and to report these to go2HR using the Annual Internal Auditor Declaration Form.