January 18, 2024

The Vancouver Aquarium is Committed to Keeping Workers Safe Every Day

Liz Kruse, Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Officer at the Vancouver Aquarium talks about how her business prioritizes health and safety with go2HR’s COR certification.

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The Vancouver Aquarium first became COR certified in 2019, recertifying again in 2021, following a change in ownership. After Liz Kruse, OHS Officer, conducted her first internal COR audit in 2023, she saw the benefits of implementing the COR program in the workplace firsthand.

Being in the COR program shows a real commitment to workplace health and safety, and by completing the COR audit each year, Liz recognizes how safety standards have improved. She describes the audit as a measuring tool comparing your business’s safety performance every year. Employees are involved in the audit process which provides more opportunities for feedback. “No matter how great your safety program is, the audit will always provide a continual improvement opportunity on how you can make it even better!” She also happily mentions how maintaining the COR certification rewards her business with a 10% rebate on base rate insurance premiums from WorkSafeBC, an annual incentive that many of the COR-certified companies we hear from are proud to reinvest back into the safety program.

COR engages all levels of employees including workers, supervisors and managers to reinforce the importance of a strong safety culture. “Safety affects all aspects of your business and having a great safety culture has been proven to increase employee satisfaction, lower incident rates and increase productivity.” Liz also explains why employers should look at safety through a different lens. Instead of treating it as a business cost, see it as a long-term investment to enhance your company’s reputation and demonstrate your commitment to safety.

“An organization’s safety culture is not something that can be changed overnight, it changes over time with each decision and action.” – Liz Kruse, OHS Officer at Vancouver Aquarium

Putting aside time to complete the COR audit process is really worth the effort, as it shows the employer’s dedication to workplace safety. Wholeheartedly endorsing go2HR’s COR Program is the best safety investment tourism and hospitality employers can make. “We are committed to keeping everyone safe every day,” says Liz.

Tourism and Hospitality employers can learn more about go2HR’s COR Program by consulting with our Health & Safety Team.

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