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Access the latest research about the tourism and hospitality industry, including labour market studies by go2HR, the BC government and other agencies.

Looking for some quick stats on Employment in BC’s Tourism & Hospitality Industry? Check out our Employment Tracker!

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Key Initiatives

Employment Tracker

Powered by Statistics Canada’s Labor Force Survey and tailored by Qatalyst Research Group, our tracker, updated monthly, offers clear insights into our industry’s health. Track the trends with ease using our simple charts. Follow the journey of recovery month by month or take a longer look at patterns and trends.

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Workforce Profiles

A one-stop shop for Workforce Profiles. Find information on British Columbia’s Labour Workforce for the Tourism & Hospitality Sector.

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Career Awarness Research Project

In late fall 2022, go2HR did a deep dive into existing tourism and hospitality career awareness initiatives across B.C., Canada, and the globe, as well as best practices used by other industries to showcase jobs and careers to youth. With that history in hand, go2HR completed in-depth stakeholder interviews to understand from educators, associations and government to help identify gaps in tourism and hospitality career awareness and how we might fill them. Learn about the six key themes that emerged from this research.

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Worker Perception Research Project

In late fall 2022, go2HR gathered data from workers key to tourism and hospitality industry recovery, and growth. We wanted to understand their awareness of industry jobs and careers, barriers to entering the workforce, and what messages might encourage people to consider tourism and hospitality when next looking for a job or a career. Learn more about what is important to these key audiences when it comes to looking for, or accepting a job in tourism and hospitality.

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Labour Market Research Project

go2HR’s Labour Market Information (LMI) Research Project helps explain the impact of COVID-19 on tourism and hospitality in BC.

Spoiler alert: Its a wild ride on Playland’s wooden roller coaster.

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