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Research & Reports

Understanding the variety of research, reports and statistics that exists for the tourism and hospitality industry can seem overwhelming.  In our Research section, you have access to the latest info about the tourism industry, including go2HR's studies and studies from BC government and other agencies. For older research and reports, please visit our Archived Research & Reports section.

You may also find useful, tourism-specific national research studies on the Tourism HR Canada website.

Inquiries?  If you don’t see what you need, or if you have research that you’d like to share, please contact us via the online form.

go2HR Studies

BC Cook Labour Market Analysis. 2016. go2HR conducted a robust labour market study of the landscape of cooking occupations in British Columbia across all sectors that employ Cooks and Chefs. The goal was to provide clarity in the information available, and identify possible crisis points as well as point to solutions to address reported labour challenges.

BC Tourism Labour Shortage Economic Impact Study. 2016. This study validates and quantifies the economic impacts resulting from tourism labour shortages in British Columbia.

BC Resort Community Labour Market Strategic Analysis. 2013. This report is a first-ever strategic analysis of the seasonal labour markets in BC’s resort communities, identifying resort community workforce patterns, issues, and strategic opportunities related to the recruitment, retention and training of workers.

2012 BC Tourism Labour Market Strategy. In 2011, go2HR began the process of updating and refreshing the BC Tourism Human Resource Development Task Force Action Plan. After 12 months of consultation with about 1,000 industry representatives and stakeholders, background research, a thorough analysis of trends and best practices, as well as an assessment of progress to-date on the HR Action Plan, go2HR is pleased to present the 2012 Tourism Labour Market Strategy.

Other Studies

Tourism HR Canada: Bridging the Labour Gap Summary. 2018. This report is the third in a series from the three-year Tourism Labour Supply and Demand project conducted by Tourism HR Canada and the Conference Board of Canada.

WorkBC Industry Outlook Profile. 2017. This is a summary of forecast information available about this industry in the B.C. Labour Market Outlook forecast.

Value of Tourism: Trends from 2005 - 2015. 2017. The Value of Tourism in British Columbia: Trends from 2005-2015 presents10 years of data on the economic value of tourism to British Columbia.

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