Labour Market Research Project

go2HR’s Labour Market Information (LMI) Research Project helps explain the impact of COVID-19 on tourism and hospitality in B.C. (spoiler alert: a ride on Playland’s wooden roller coaster). It also fills information gaps to help prepare us for recovery – who do we need to attract and retain, what are the biggest job openings, when are we forecast to recover to pre-pandemic employment levels, where is recovery underway or lagging, and why employers and employees are optimistic about our industry.



Pre-pandemic, the tourism and hospitality industry was a steady engine of job growth, employing 350,000 British Columbians in 2019. Gather groups of eight people (pre-bubble!) and one of them would have worked in tourism and hospitality.

When COVID-19 punctured that progress, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture established the Tourism Task Force to table creative solutions to short, medium, and long-term tourism and hospitality recovery. Its final report called for collaborative data gathering to inform future workforce recovery initiative.

go2HR launched the LMI Project to deliver that data and determine tourism and hospitality workforce needs in each tourism economic region of B.C.


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Moving Forward

Now we’re using it to prepare for tourism and hospitality to reclaim its role as a foundation of community vitality through jobs, revenues, and experiences cherished by visitors and locals.

The LMI Project also fuels go2HR’s go-forward ability to:


  • Deliver the monthly online, interactive Employment Tracker.
  • Develop regional and provincial labour market forecasts.
  • Determine strategies to address industry sector and regional workforce labour supply issues to support tourism and hospitality employers and employees.


The impact of COVID-19 on the tourism and hospitality was swift and harsh. Results of go2HR’s Labour Market Information (LMI) Research Project, completed in early 2022, helped our industry plan and prepare a pathway to recovery.

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