October 17, 2023

Elevating your Health & Safety Program with the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program

Take the initiative and boost employee morale with strong health and safety practices.

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When go2HR came to Victoria to talk about our voluntary COR program, hoteliers including the Inn at Laurel Point were keen to hear about the benefits of getting COR certified. Julie Wright, Director of Human Resources at the Inn at Laurel Point, is a health and safety champion and the Internal COR Auditor. She has seen the benefits firsthand after she helped the company achieve initial COR certification in 2013.

When the go2HR team explained how the COR program would enhance the safety culture and raise staff morale, Julie was a bit skeptical.  After going through the certification process and observing first-hand how morale at the Inn has improved, she was excited by the results. The staff morale has definitely improved when it comes to health and safety, and her coworkers have learned to be more safety conscious.

We are super proactive when it comes to documenting every single incident and near miss in this building. Injuries have reduced significantly over the years. We’ve come to the point where we don’t have those major injuries. We’ve really seen a difference, especially in our housekeeping department. We’ve really reduced those sprains and strains.

  • Julie Wright, Director of Human Resources

The safety culture at the Inn has evolved over the years and Julie has also seen how the staff are more actively involved in health and safety, including their Joint Health & Safety Committee. There has also been a lot more conversations between the supervisors and staff, and more safety talks over the years too. Getting COR certified has it challenges but Julie has seen a team effort in getting the COR process done and by investing their time in health and safety, employees feel like they are being cared for. “By working to continually elevate the health and safety culture, employees become more safety conscious and appreciate that building a healthy and safe workplace is a team effort,” says Julie.

Julie recognizes the work and effort go2HR is putting in to help employers enhance their Health & Safety Program. She has felt a personal connection to go2HR after getting so much support from our office and has found the vast amount of resources and tools on our website very helpful.

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