November 9, 2023

Grouse Mountain Ramps up their Safety Culture with the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program

Alithea tells us why Grouse Mountain implemented the COR Program.

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When go2HR asked Alithea Taylor, Director of Human Resources, Mountain Division for Grouse Mountain Resort, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Selkirk-Tangiers Heli Skiing what being a COR-certified employer means to her, she replied that it shows their commitment to maintaining a safe work environment for all of their staff, while showing how seriously they take workplace safety. “It definitely helps reinforce the safety culture in the workplace, bringing different aspects to all team members’ attention, and helps ensure they are aware of the safety requirements for their area,” says Alithea. Grouse Mountain first became COR certified in 2013, maintaining their certification ever since, most recently with the support of their Safety Advisor and Dispatch Supervisor for Northlands at Grouse, Lauren Douglas.

When talking about the benefits of the COR Program at her workplace, Alithea pointed out that the really obvious and tangible one is the 10% rebate received on their annual WorkSafeBC premiums. This can be reinvested back into their safety program initiatives and helps to build up their safety culture by reviewing and evaluating areas of improvement. In return, their team members are involved in giving their employer feedback regarding workplace health and safety and bringing awareness to specific challenges or supports needed within their departments.

Working in a large ski hill operation definitely has its challenges. Bringing in seasonal staff and dealing with uncontrollable factors such as the weather are just some of the risks when working in this industry. However, having a robust occupational health and safety management system that is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, as part of the COR audit process, supports employers in managing workplace risks, preventing worker injuries and saving money.

“Being in the COR program not only demonstrates our commitment to keeping team members healthy, safe, happy and engaged, but it also saves the organization from the costs associated with both WorkSafeBC claims and time loss” 

  • Alithea Taylor, Director of Human Resources, Mountain Division
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