September 22, 2023

Indigenous Resources

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Truth and Reconciliation: 6 ways you can effect change.
Indigenous Tourism BC
What reconciliation means is as unique as each person who envisions it. Heal and learn to make your contribution to truth and reconciliation. It is a day to call upon all of those who can effect change to take action to advance reconciliation in Canada. Every one of us can effect change.

Territory acknowledgement.
Native Land Digital
Learn more about how to acknowledge territory. Territory acknowledgement is a way that people insert an awareness of Indigenous presence and land rights in everyday life. This is often done at the beginning of ceremonies, lectures, or any public event. It can be a subtle way to recognize the history of colonialism and a need for change in settler colonial societies.

Tools & resources.
Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada
Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada’s Resource hub. The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) is a global leader in the marketing and development of Indigenous tourism experiences.

Whose land.
As we engage in processes of reconciliation it is critical that land acknowledgements don’t become a token gesture. They are not meant to be static, scripted statements that every person must recite in exactly the same way. They are expressions of relationship, acknowledging not just the territory someone is on, but that person’s connection to that land based on knowledge that has been shared with them. View this interactive map of Indigenous territories in Canada.

Various training courses.
Indigenous corporate training.
Provides different types of training, including: Indigenous Employment: Recruitment & Retention, Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations.

Indigenous relations behavioural competencies interpretive guides for hiring.
Government of BC
The 17 competencies were developed from working with Indigenous peoples in B.C. for BC Public Service employees who live on the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples across the province. It’s recommended to include at least one of these competencies in your assessment process.

“Meaningful Territory Acknowledgements” Slide deck.
Government of BC
How to make a meaningful land acknowledgement. It’s increasingly common across Canada for territorial acknowledgements to be made at the beginning of meetings. A territory acknowledgement is an act of reconciliation and the protocol has been a long-standing practice for Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous engagement planning.
Workplace Strategies for Mental Health
Learn how to engage the Indigenous community through recruiting and collaboration. The following lists can help you learn from others who have done this successfully.

Indigenous relations behavioural competencies.
Government of BC
The Indigenous relations behavioural competencies help the BC Public Service improve our individual and collective abilities to work effectively with the Indigenous peoples of B.C. The phrase ‘Indigenous peoples’ refers to all First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. It includes individuals, communities, bands, nations, organizations and urban populations, while acknowledging their distinctness and diversity.

British Columbia’s Indigenous Small Business Resources.
Government of BC
This handout provides information on small business startup and growth support services tailored to Indigenous entrepreneurs and small business owner needs. The list of services is not exhaustive, but it identifies resources to support all aspects of business startup and growth.

Indigenous Tourism | Travel Economy Series.
Tourism Industry of Canada
Infographic with stats on Indigenous tourism. International travellers increasingly cite authenticity as a major driver of their travel decisions. In Canada, indigenous tourism experiences are among the most authentic, and fastest-growing, parts of the tourism sector. Indigenous tourism has seen extensive growth and investment in the last number of years. Here is a look at the indigenous tourism economy in Canada.

Business Resources For Indigenous Entrepreneurs.
Small Business of BC
Hub of resources for Indigenous Small Business owners. BC is home to the second largest number of Indigenous entrepreneurs in Canada, with over 2,000 Indigenous-owned businesses across our province. This page is the perfect starting point, with information on programs, grants you can apply for, and inspiration from Indigenous entrepreneurs who have found success.

Land Acknowledgement Video.
Baroness von Sketch (CBC Comedy)
Satirical sketch on the performativeness of land acknowledgements. Watch the sketch comedy series Baroness von Sketch Show on CBC.