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Kootenay Rockies Regional Labour Market Study

Compared to many areas of the province, the Kootenay Rockies region will have a higher percentage of jobs opening up due to retirements, and the region is also affected by seasonality and retention challenges, particularly in resort communities.  By 2020, it is anticipated that the region will have 3,089 job openings, with a labour shortage of 438. The food & beverage and recreation & entertainment sectors will be the hardest hit.

A View into Kootenay Rockies’ Labour Market:

Discover the unique challenges facing the Kootenay Rockies region with insights from local operators, like Revelstoke Mountain Resort and the Heid Out Restaurant, as well as Kootenay Rockies Tourism and go2HR. 

“I have an extensive training program.  I work on apprenticeships and try and further education for my staff.  I try as many strategies as I can!”
- Heidi Romich, Owner, The Heid Out Restaurant


At a Glance:

Which occupations will be the most in demand and face the most shortages?  Check out the top occupations below or view the full regional study to learn more.

Top Occupations in Demand

Occupations New Job Openings (by 2020)
Chefs & Cooks 279
Light Duty Cleaners 216
Restaurant and Food Service Managers 183
Hotel Front Desk Clerks 139
Cashiers 101
Accommodation Service Managers 94
Bus Drivers & Subway and Other Transit Operators 88
Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation and Sport 64
F&B Servers, Food Counter Attendants & Kitchen Helpers 535


Top Shortages

Occupations Shortages (by 2020)
Food Counter Attendants and Kitchen Helpers 93
Food & Beverage Servers 89
Cooks/Chefs 45
Hotel Front Desk Clerks 20
Bartenders 19
Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation and Sport 19
Restaurant and Food Service Managers 14
Bus Drivers & Subway and Other Transit Operators 11
Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents 9
Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Labourers 8


Ideas & Resources:


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