Superhost® Foundations of Service Quality™

A comprehensive and practical introduction to customer service best practices, SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality is an essential first step for all customer service professionals. Designed to sharpen in-demand transferable skills like teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution, this course is full of interactive activities and action-oriented tips to prepare you for the front lines.


Available online and in the classroom, this course covers topics like:

    • Relationship between service quality, customer experience, and business objectives
    • Tailoring service to meet and exceed customer expectations
    • Communication etiquette and service recovery techniques
    • Using metrics to assess customer experience and service quality
    • Role of front-line employees in businesses success


Why Take Foundations of Service Quality? (aka What’s In It For You)

  • Competitive advantage in the job market
  • Enhanced transferable skills such as communication, adaptability, and resourcefulness
  • Increased confidence and professionalism


Why Offer Foundations of Service Quality?  (aka What’s In It For Your Business)

  • Improved overall customer satisfaction
  • Increased recognition for service excellence
  • Improved employee competence and a happier, more productive workplace






I have had previous training in customer service with other companies and found that all necessary material was combined into a nice, efficient, effective course. [Foundations of Service Quality Online] was a great refresher with the added lesson on Net Promoter Scores that I wasn’t aware of. Good job and thank you!

Tristan M., Hazelton