May 2018


go2HR Relaunches the Revitalized SuperHost Customer Service Training Program!

Vancouver, BC – go2HR – BC’s tourism human resource association – relaunched the revitalized SuperHost, including new and refreshed courses, at Science World today. The event honoured the historical roots of the program, bringing back beloved Expo 86 mascot “Expo Ernie” to celebrate the relaunch!  SuperHost was originally launched in 1985 in preparation for … Read More


2018 Cone Zone season has arrived

Cone Zone season has arrived.  Slow down and respect roadside workers. Cone Zone season is upon us.  Hundreds of roadside work zones will be set up around British Columbia this summer. Thousands of drivers will travel through these “Cone Zones” meaning roadside workers are at greater risk of being injured or killed by a motor … Read More

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