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May CEO’s Message to Employers from Krista Bax

There are certain small gestures that have an impact far greater than we expect. Case in point, a brief email our health and safety team recently received from one of the participants in our COVID-19 safety plan review service. It’s a key service that we’ve been providing to the industry since early on in the … Read More


Vaccinated? Provincial Health Orders Still Apply

A gentle reminder if you have been vaccinated to still follow all current provincial health orders and guidelines. Employers are required to maintain their COVID-19 safety plan, to continue to prevent workplace transmission. Fully vaccinated staff or staff who have had a prior COVID-19 infection need to continue to adhere to COVID-19 health and safety … Read More


Federal Budget Impacts on Tourism

This has been a busy week for budgets with both the Federal and Provincial budgets released. And there is quite a bit of promising news, with support initiatives to help address tourism workforce recovery efforts, like the extension of the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) program that will keep workers attached to employers. We know … Read More


April CEO’s Message to Industry from Krista Bax

The days ahead will be difficult for our industry. There is no question that travel restrictions and other provincial health orders are designed to keep people safe and for our industry, realize a summer. We can’t help but empathize with the long period of uncertainty that our industry and workers have experienced. You have and … Read More


April CEO’s Message to Employers from Krista Bax

Breaking the Circuit and Growing Community My head and heart are full with empathy for our tourism and hospitality employers who, in many cases, bore the full brunt of consequences of the provincial response to increasing case counts and growing numbers of variants of concern. I commiserate with the short time frame in which employers … Read More



March CEO’s Message to Industry from Krista Bax

As I note the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, and my first anniversary as CEO, there’s a lot to think back on. I’ve learned so much in the past year, adapting, adjusting and pivoting, just like you. I have deepened my understanding about this amazing industry and we’ve all learned about social distancing, the new … Read More


March CEO’s Message to Employers from Krista Bax

“Beware the Ides of March” penned William Shakespeare in his play Julius Caesar. The ‘Ides of March’ commonly referenced to mean March 15th, was the warning to the Roman Emperor from a soothsayer that forewarned of ominous times ahead. Who knew that March 15, 2020 and its cautionary literary metaphor would become a part of … Read More


Provincial Health Orders Extended

The news surrounding COVID-19 virus variants in our province continues to keep pandemic preparedness top of mind and currently Dr. Bonnie Henry has extended the provincial order once again. With new variants in our midst, there is no better time to keep your health and safety plans top of mind. Best practice dictates regularly revisiting … Read More


February CEO’s Message to Employers from Krista Bax

Stay the Course February is a month we’re used to celebrating. Plenty of holidays and events tend to fill the calendar– Lunar New Year, Family Day Long Weekend, Valentine’s Day are just a few that help people get through the winter and also deliver substantial economic impact on tourism and hospitality industry. There is no … Read More

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