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The go2HR BC Tourism & Hospitality Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Resource Library hosts a myriad of free, sector-specific and customizable resources that will assist you in making your workplace healthier and safer. These resources range from OHS program templates, toolkits, forms, checklists, videos, posters and articles.

List of resources

  • The Recipe for Kitchen Safety? Training and Awareness

    More than 60 percent of injuries in the food service sector involve kitchen workers. Commercial kitchens operate at a fast pace, with multiple hazards and a steady stream of new employees. Share this Safety Talk with your workers during safety meetings and pin it to your safety bulletin board for maximum exposure.

  • Teaching Young Workers About the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

    Employers are responsible for creating and managing healthy and safe workplaces and workers need to understand their right to speak up if something doesn’t feel right. Enhance your safety culture by maintaining open lines of communication and encouraging workers to ask questions and to be open. Understanding how to work safely is crucial to reducing … Read More

  • New First Aid Requirements are Coming – Effective July 1, 2018

    Occupational first aid training requirements are changing on July 1 2018, in order to cover a broader spectrum of medical issues, and align treatment protocols with Canadian and international best practices. Learn more about the changes here.

  • Emergency Guide for Small Businesses

    Use this guide as your starting point for developing an emergency plan for your small business.

  • Emergency Plan for Small Businesses

    Designed to complement the Emergency Guide for Small Businesses, use this plan to develop your emergency procedures. You will be well on your way to ensuring your business is prepared to be up and running as soon as possible following any type of emergency or business disruption.

  • Emergency Response Planning

    12 practical tips for effective emergency response planning to help you and your team prepare for any emergency situation.

  • How Vision Affects Posture

    Even those working in the tourism and hospitality industry need desk time. From hotel receptionists and travel agents to restaurant managers and executive chefs. Have you ever considered how your vision can affect your posture? If you can’t see properly, you tend not to sit properly. This can lead to eye fatigue, neck pain, and … Read More

  • Food Truck Safety

    Safety considerations for food truck operators and tips on how to reduce the risks and keep your team safe.

  • Small Emergencies, Big Learning Experience for Tourism Employer

    This article explores how a somewhat minor emergency can provide a real wakeup call to tourism businesses. Planning for the unexpected can make all the difference when disaster hits.

  • A Helping Hand: Providing Community Support in a Crisis

    When disaster or tragedy strike, local businesses are often eager to assist, providing help with immediate needs and ongoing healing. Tourism and hospitality businesses are particularly well poised to make an impact, as accommodation and food are often two urgent necessities for those affected and for emergency services personnel and volunteers.

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