Resource Library

The go2HR® BC Tourism & Hospitality Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Resource Library hosts a myriad of free, sector-specific and customizable resources that will assist you in making your workplace healthier and safer. These resources range from OHS program templates, toolkits, forms, checklists, videos, posters and articles.

List of resources

  • COR Audit Tool Question Guide

    This spreadsheet separates the COR OHS and RTW audit tools into documentation, observation and interview related question tabs, helping you to better organize your audit time.

  • Hospitality and Service Safety and Youth Parent Tip Card

    The hospitality and service industry is a significant employer for young workers. We all have a role to play in helping young people stay safe at work. Parents and supervisors can use this tip card to help have “the talk” about workplace safety and industry-specific details.

  • Young Worker Safety in Restaurants

    Restaurants and other eating and drinking businesses employ 11.6 million people in the United States. Nearly 30% of these employees are under 20 years of age. Many young workers’ first work experience is in the restaurant industry. OSHA is providing this eTool to help young workers in the restaurant industry be safe and healthy on … Read More

  • Young Worker Awareness Program

    7 things you’d better know! There are hazards in every workplace and you – the young and inexperienced worker – are especially at risk.

  • Worker Checklist: Workplace Bullying and Harassment

    If you are being bullied or harassed at work, you will need to take appropriate steps to report it, which is an obligation of all workers who are the targets of workplace bullying and harassment.

  • New Employee Health Safety Orientation

  • Guide for Employers of Young Workers

    This guide has been developed to help you deal with this workplace reality. In it you will find information on the following: Your legal responsibilities as an employer The nature of young workers Rights and responsibilities of workers Safety orientation checklist Effective ways to provide training How to encourage hazard awareness The importance of supervision … Read More

  • Young Workers – Protect Yourselves at Work

    There are potential hazards in every workplace; some are obvious, but many aren’t. While all workplace accidents and injuries are preventable, you might not have the knowledge or experience you need to protect yourself. Staying safe on the job should be your first priority. Know your rights and responsibilities and then make safety a habit. … Read More

  • Young Workers – Details, Details

    How much will I get paid? When does overtime kick in? Do I get paid if I work the holiday? How many hours can I work?

  • Young Workers – New to the Working World?

    As a young person entering the work force you probably have lots of questions about your first job. You’ve got a job. Or you’re getting ready to join the work world. Either way, it’s important to be prepared. Here’s your health and safety checklist. Check out these resources so you can be ready for anything … Read More

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