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COR Internal Auditor Training

One of the first steps to becoming COR-certified is to identify an internal Certificate of Recognition (COR) program champion who will lead the process for your organization and become a knowledgeable resource about the COR process.

The COR Internal Auditor is a permanent employee of a company, who completes the auditor training for the purpose of conducting the company's internal COR Maintenance Audits. It is recommended that the staff member responsible for leading your occupational health and safety program attend the training. This individual should be familiar with all aspects of your safety management system. In order to achieve and maintain certification, this individual must:

  • Complete the COR Internal Auditor Training (online & in-person);
  • Perform a Student Audit;
  • Sign and abide by the Auditor Code of Ethics; and
  • Maintain their COR Internal Auditor Certification.

A company may have multiple Internal Auditors if the company is sufficiently large or complex enough to support multiple auditors. This is usually limited to companies with multiple sites located around the province where travel logistics place significant hurdles or where the company's business is diverse enough that one auditor cannot have a reasonable understanding of all its activities.

Please note that the certification belongs to the individual who completes the training. If your COR Internal Auditor leaves your company, and you wish to continue to perform the Maintenance Audits internally, you must have another staff member obtain the certification as soon as possible.

For more information, contact the go2HR Industry Health & Safety Team.

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