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COR Program Benefits

Employers who choose to participate in the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program make a strong statement about how much they value their workers and how committed they are to ensuring that workers and workplaces are safe and secure from injury, illness and disease.

By participating in the COR Program, you can help keep your employees safe and healthy while saving your company time and money. There is a strong business case for having a well-functioning safety management system, which is well worth the return on investment. 

Financial Benefits of COR

COR certified employers can receive an annual incentive cheque of up to 10% of their base WorkSafeBC premiums.

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) COR Certification = 10% incentive

The chart below outlines the potential incentive cheque for different types of companies in the tourism and hospitality industry. What would the annual COR incentive be for your organization?

Sector Classification Unit 2018 Base Rate Change from 2017 Annual Premiums at Base Rate Annual COR Incentive
Accommodation 761056 $1.64

$16,400 $1,640
Campground 761009 $1.79

$17,900 $1,790
Casino, Gaming Operations 761054 $0.79

$7,900 $790
Coffee Shops & Ice Cream Parlours 761045 $0.63

$6,300 $630
Golf Courses 761031 $1.19

$11,900 $1,190
Mobile Catering, Food Trucks/Carts 761023 $1.38

$13,800 $1.380
Outdoor Sport Tour 761028 $2.89

$28,900 $2,890
Park, Campground or Trail Maintenance 761049 $2.11 no change $21,100 $2,110
Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs & Lounges 761034 $0.80

$8,000 $800
Restaurants 761035 $0.81

$8,100 $810
Ski Areas 761038 $5.67

$56,700 $5.670

*Per $100 of a $1 million assessable payroll

Other Financial Benefits: Other Reasons to Participate in the COR Program

  • Protecting the well-being of your workers is the right thing to do, and participating in COR will support you in keeping your staff healthy and safe.
  • A COR-certified OHS Program is easy to implement.
  • Enhance the organizational culture. Studies have shown that potential employees, especially the younger generation, place great value on healthy and safe workplaces.
  • Attract and retain a skilled workforce. Many COR-certified companies are using their COR certification to recruit strong candidates.
  • Increase staff participation and ownership of workplace health and safety.
  • Comply with legal requirements set by the OHS Regulation and the Workers Compensation Act.
  • Build a positive corporate image. A high concern for safe operations and the health and safety of employees is a positive message that is carried into the community, not only by employees but also by suppliers and customers.

Costs are minimal

While the costs associated with participating in the program depend on the size of your company, the overall costs of the COR program are not onerous. They include:

  • Auditing fees paid to an external auditor performing the Certification (Year 1) and Recertification (Year 4) Audits. These fees are capped at $500 per day, plus negotiated expenses;
  • The cost to send one of your employees to complete the Internal Auditor Training ($149 plus GST), allowing the organization to complete Maintenance Audits (Years 2 & 3) free of charge using an internal safety champion; and
  • The potential indirect cost associated with building and maintaining your safety programs.

For more information, contact the go2HR Industry Health & Safety Team.

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